The changes happening in the mountains, and the effect of climatic changes on the communities residing in the mountains is a part of Vaibhav Kaul's investigation. 

A 28-year young scientist, is also a mountaineer, geologist, poet, photographer, filmmaker, and an environmental scholar! Vaibhav Kaul, is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society. He is passionate about nature and is especially involved with the magnificent Himalayas.

Exploring Himalayas and its community is Vaibhav’s area of interest. The changes happening in the mountains with time, and the effect of climatic changes on the communities residing in the mountains, are parts of his investigation. Being a former student at the University of Delhi, he completed his bachelors in Geology. He was an awardee of the Vice Chancellor’s Indian Scholarship (University of Sheffield, 2014-2017). He has further pursued M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management, from the University of Oxford.

vaibhav kaul

Vaibhav Kaul is involved in Film screenings and discussions, illustrated talks, conference lectures, and geo- and ethnic-photography exhibitions. These events are conducted in UK, India, Nepal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Canada, and USA. He has produced two ethnographic films, ‘Facing the Mountain’ and ‘Mountain, Priest, Son’. These films cover  his research results regarding what it means to live in a constantly and rapidly changing natural and social environment.

Vaibhav is coming up soon with his third ethnographic documentary named ‘Good Old Wood: A Portrait’ in 2019. This story covers the 90 year old, last master wood carver of the Kumaon Himalayas. Art and culture is the theme of this film. It will  highlight with the fact of vanishing culture art with generations.    

Vaibhav’s study will definitely make us realize how people in remote areas get affected by climate change, and how they survive by adopting suitable habits with this rapidly modifying ecosystem. One can follow him through his website titled ‘Himalyalogy by Vaibhav Kaul’. This website contains his blogs, documentaries, information of exhibitions, photography, poems, research and travelling plans for enthusiastic travellers in the world!


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