A beginning as a startup company for a newer way of maintaining hygiene in public washrooms. 

Most public toilets in India, maintain poor hygiene. Therefore, the population is susceptible to frequent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). In order to resolve this issue, there is a kit in the market known as a TOI-KIT. It is basically a small handy kit which can be used in public toilets. TOI-KIT is the first disposable kit ever used in public toilets in India. It's the most efficient way to carry and protect yourself from unhygienic toilets. 

TOI-KIT is the easiest way to take along when travelling to (restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centres, cinemas, friends' house, excursions), railways, highways, pumps, events, etc. and protects from unhygienic toilets.

The kit includes basic 6 things which are:

i) Disposable plastic glove- the surrounding is unhealthy and unhygienic. So to avoid the infection, we must wear this before entering the place. 

ii) Seat Wipe Tissue- a lot of infections are caused by using wet seated toilets. For this reason, a seat wipe tissue is provided so that the seat can be cleaned and can be free from infections.

iii) Disposable Toilet Seat cover- this is the important thing. A seat cover is to be put on the seating area. This is flush-able and hygienic. This will also prevent the direct contact of the toilet seat.

iv) Hand wash- after the use, flush the toilet along with the seat cover and use the hand wash pack given in the kit. This will keep the hand germs away.

v) Tissue paper- after hand washing, use the given tissue paper to keep your hand dry so that the germs can be avoided. 

vi) Hand Sanitizer- remove the hand gloves and use this hand sanitizer at the end when you are out of the surrounding. It is recommended to use sanitizer when soap and water are not available. It has been proven that it kills germs and it is safe to use with a refreshing smell.

The whole kit priced at Rs. 15. This innovation came into media and gained a lot of attention. This is one of the simple yet the best thought implemented and has helped to reduce infections caused when using public toilets.


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