Sepsis kills more patients than any form of cancer, and HIV/ AIDS thus having a high mortality rate.

Biology is studied in depth since ancient times. Still, there are many biological facts and figures that remain unknown to doctors, biologists and researchers. As a common people, we come across health-related research, and their treatment when we face serious health problems. Sepsis is one of such diseases!

Sepsis is a serious medical condition. It occurs due to the overwhelming immune response to infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Body releases chemicals to fight against such infections. When these chemicals trigger widespread inflammation, it results in blood clots, leaky blood vessels and in serious cases organ failure. 

Symptoms of sepsis are,  fever, chills, rapid breathing and heart rate, rash, confusion, and disorientation. As it shows similar symptoms to other medical conditions, it is difficult to recognise. Millions of people get affected by sepsis every year. 15-20% of them lose their life as it is a sudden condition to occur. It becomes uncontrollable in patients with severe diseases like cancer. Though sepsis is completely curable, it depends on the patient’s condition if it has long term effects or it can be cured completely.


There is severe need for detecting sepsis at early stages. This was understood by a company in healthcare services at ‘Beckmen Coulter’. A company is dedicated to improved healthcare services for decades. It is playing a major role in the industry due to its healthcare products.

 The rate of sepsis has increased by 1.5% recently. Sepsis kills more patients than any form of cancer, and HIV/ AIDS. Thus it has a high mortality rate. To detect Sepsis at Beckmen Coulter, by looking at patients symptoms, an alert is given to doctors for sepsis test. The WBC count test is done, the changes happening in the WBC count can detect sepsis within an hour. This has reduced the mortality rate due to sepsis.


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