The combination of renewable resources like solar and wind energies would give out better output than individual energy. This would be powerful and can meet the increasing energy consumption.

The advent in clean and green energy technology has given rise to a number of synergistic technologies. Due to the increasing demand for energy, there has to be an effective and large amount of energy made available to the public.  Most of the non-renewable resources like fossil fuels such as coal, mineral oil, natural gas, etc., are used for energy requirements. These fossil fuels are depleting day by day. Therefore, we need to switch to alternative sources of energy. These alternative sources of energy should have similar efficiencies as that of the energy derived from fossil fuels. The contribution of wind and solar capacity installations in recent years is about 25% as of 2019 and it could reach to 30% by 2022.


Therefore, sources like the Sun, rivers, and wind are being explored as renewable forms of energy. They are found abundantly in nature and also can generate energy like that of non-renewable sources. The energy from the Sun, wind, and water are trapped, before converting the energy for chemical or mechanical purposes. Solar and wind energy are two of the most promising sources of alternative energies. To meet the increasing demands of the population, it was thought by a group of researchers to merge these two resources of energy for creating a clean and abundant source of energy.

Combination of Solar-wind energy image 3

The research was carried out by combining these two renewable forms of energy sources i.e., wind and sun, in order to know whether this would satisfy the increasing needs. By combining these sources, a lot of energy can be generated in a clean form, which will meet the increasing demand.

The sun’s rays can be collected using solar cells and then converted into energy. The wind blowing can be converted into energy using wind turbines. Both these energies individually are safe and clean. No gases are involved in energy generation. This technology will ensure the sustained release of energy in the environment.

The release of energy can be controlled and the energy can be managed efficiently. Transportation of this type of energy can also be achieved easily. Such a thought can be applied to other such renewable resources as well, so that the energy generated by this can be sufficiently used for all the possible applications. This is one of the most reliable strategies for the generation of energy and could also be a profitable approach.

Experts say, India is an ideal market for hybrid projects, given that most states are rich in both wind and solar energy resources. States such as Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, have large capacities of both wind and solar power projects.

Conclusion - We can also take small steps to save energy and can make use of it in future. Don't forget to switch off your electric appliances after use. Replace light tubes with CFL bulbs that will save electricity. Use appliances which are energy efficient.

Editor: Anomitra Dey
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