HiVeg products are eco-friendly, and used for farmed animals, to reduce the carbon footprint generated by animals peptones.

HiMedia is one of the top three brands in microbiology in the world. It has a presence in more than 140 countries. The company started paving its way towards Greener Planet with the introduction of HiVeg in 2013. HiVeg products are eco-friendly and used for farmed animals, to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the animals peptones.

HiMedia Company

HiVeg produces plant peptones rather than animal peptones. To produce 1,700 peptones, one needs 57,000 cattle slaughtered for animal-based peptones. Whereas zero cattle is slaughtered for plant-based peptones. If we compare the required water resource for the same production, plant-based needs 0.6 billion litres of water whereas 10.2 billion litres of water is required for the same amount of peptone. This is how HiVeg is reducing approximately 90% of carbon footprints than produced by the animal-based procedure.

The HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Dr. Gangadhar Motiram (GM) Warke (Chairman & Managing Director), co-founded by Mrs. Saroj Warke (Co-founder and Director-IT) spouse and younger brother Mr. Vishnu M. Warke (Co-founder and Director-Marketing). Dr. GM Warke is making the company grow since its inception in 1973. 

HiMedia is honoured with the "Pride of Maharashtra Award" under the category of "Best Company of the Year Award" for 2017 by the Maharashtra Industrial and Economic Development Association (MIEDA). It is a pride for us to step towards a greener planet with the help of HiMedia's footsteps.  


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