The chemical weapons are strictly banned in warfare and also the production is prohibited by law worldwide.

Internet sensational game, PUBG was released in December 2017. It attracted people around the globe. But still, there are many people who are not aware of the game. It is a war game played with various weapons like guns, bombs, etc. These weapons cause damage, physical harm or hazards. They are generally used on the battlefield. Though such games make the gamer smarter, simultaneously and subconsciously make him/her aggressive and violent too.

Generally, we  relate weapons with arms and ammunition. As per the definition, weapon can be any device that has a purpose to harm or damage the ecosystem. Weapons can be of different types and in any form. Various types of weapons are developed in research laboratories where chemicals or biologics are used for destruction. Chemical weapons were always used in wars since ancient times. The dedicated research, development, and experimentation started at the time of World War I. 

Chemical weapons are made by using toxic chemicals, which cause death, injury, incapacitation, and sensory irritation. These weapons can be used in two ways. It can be delivered by launching of a rocket, artillery shell or bomb such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks. Another way is the dissemination by spreading chemical agent from the nuclear weapon.

Chemical agents are used for choking respiratory and cardiovascular systems or to attack the bloodstream. Some chemicals can penetrate through the skin causing damage, and some are inhaled inside the body. These weapons can be in any form like solid, liquid or gas. Nerve gas, tear gas and pepper spray are three commonly used chemical weapons with justification to protect from an aggressor.

The first enormous use of chemical weapons was done in World War I. Due to the perilous effects the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) prohibited the use of chemical weapons by law. It is said that though Adolf Hitler was against the use of chemical weapons. However later, he was seen advocating it during the Holocaust, where toxic chemicals were used to kill people in mass by confining them in a closed room. Most of the nations out of eight nations having stockpiles of chemical weapons declared monitored disposal of chemical weapons. Remaining are in progress such as the United States has declared to dispose all chemical weapons by 2023. Whereas, Russia has destroyed it’s all chemical weapons in September, 2017. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) monitors the chemical weapon destruction of the nations with stockpiles. 

The chemical weapons are strictly banned in warfare. Also the production of them is prohibited worldwide, by law. Still, few communities are utilising chemicals to harm people. Recently, chemical remnants such as active chlorine was found after the attack in war zone of Syria. According to national and international investigations, there is evidence of the application of chemical weapons such as Sarin. It is a highly lethal nerve agent. It was found on multiple instances, including in August 2013 and April 2017.  The Syria government has denied the use of chemical weapons. The focus should be on the internationally accepted and controlled situation where chemicals will not be practised in any situation  Let’s hope for a chemical weapon free world taking a step towards world peace!


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