A device that might solve your problem of hair loss.

Hair fall is a dreadful situation for all. At the start of hair fall, one often gets paranoid and thinks it is the start of balding. However, there are techniques which reverse the problem of balding, but those are very costly and beyond the reach of the common man.

Common Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) accounts for around 95% of hair loss in men. Prevalence of hair fall was found to be 60.3% and baldness was found to be 50.4% among men and women in India.

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Scientists have reported that laser beams can stimulate hair follicle cells present on the skin and re-trigger hair growth. Initially, this laser technology machine was huge and was energy inefficient. This device was found in hospitals and clinics only. Therefore, people availing hair loss treatment had to go to these clinics and hospitals, frequently.

There will always a demand for ‘device’ innovation, which is easy to use, mobilise and small in size with the same, or higher effectiveness than the present devices. Due to difficulties with huge machines, the technology was modified into a handy device with a similar effect.   



This device has the potential to regrow your lost hair, is flexible, easy to use and can be carried along easily. It has an inbuilt red laser in a micro-LED diode, which produces a sufficient amount of heat on the skin. This heat stimulates the hair follicle cells and promotes hair growth. This device is energy efficient and safe for usage as it does not harm the skin in any way. 

Currently, this device is under preclinical trials on mice and the results obtained are reported to be successful. This device is a ray of hope to many who are experiencing hair loss or are already bald.

An Indian research work carried out by the authors Mr R. Rodriguez, Mr S. Choudhary, Mr K. Nouri and Mr L. M. Mauro was published in the year 2011. The work was entitled ‘Effects of the Lexington LaserComb on hair regrowth in the C3H/HeJ mouse model of Alopecia Areata’ was published in the journal Springer. A low-level laser comb was used to reduce the symptoms of Alopecia Areata (AA) in a C3H/HeJ mouse model for AA. After 6 weeks of LaserComb treatment, hair regrowth was seen in all the mice models. LaserComb gave positive results of hair growth. This seems to be a powerful and useful device for the treatment of AA in the C3H/HeJ mouse models.

Editor: Anomitra Dey


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