Uber, a leading company that has introduced people to rides from their doorstep with few clicks on their smartphones. It is one of the largest transportation network companies. Since its foundation in 2009, Uber has grown from giving rental service to transportation service by car’s owner. 

Safety is a prior concern for everyone! The ‘Uber’ app/website provides the function of sharing your ride with your loved ones to track you anytime. 24*7 helpline with specially trained people to reach out are available at people’s amenity.

The comfort is provided with different types of vehicles and levels of services, such as UberAssist, UberAuto, UberPool, UberKids, UberMoto, UberGo etc. This makes it popular and preferred transportation medium. 

Starting from the taxi, Uber has touched all types of transportation businesses in 700+ cities all over the world! Products range from a ride, drive, Eats, business, and Freight. Uber ride can be enjoyed by various types of vehicles from luxurious four-wheeler to bicycle relying on your priority.


Uber is introducing UberAIR by 2023 with the provision of aerial ride-sharing. Company is taking care that the service must be safe, quiet, environmentally conscious. It also aims to reach the next level of cost-efficient transportation service. The advertisement video shows it is very attractive and gives people a glimpse  of upcoming technology evolution. 

Uber is unquestionably altering not only transport system but also food delivery business. Uber Freight is taking efforts for better shipping with transparency in its service. UberEats is standard food service bringing your fresh food at your table, with easy tracking. 

In a decade journey, Uber has impacted the world so much that the word ‘uberization’ is derived from its company name. Uberization is making our life pleasant, safe and travelling worthwhile with its impactful work.


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