A desire to improve farmers condition and enhance farming with digital assistance inspired Mr. Krishna Kumar.

Though India is an agricultural country, it’s farmers are facing numerous problems. They want to give up on farming for other better opportunities. Lack of good income,  uncertain future, stressful conditions are the main drives for such willingness regarding farming as stated in the survey report presented by the Lokniti recently. 

At the same time, farmers hope for help and support to produce good quality produce with minimal economic loss.Digital India is the new age mantra adopted by the country, and it is transforming India into various ways. This digital buzz can help farmers as well for their progress in the field; let's see how! 

Mr. Krishna Kumar, CEO of the “CropIn” had a desire to improve farmers condition. He wanted to enhance farming with digital assistance. This inspired him to leave his rising career at the General Electric (GE). And, he took a step towards digitising farming and betterment of farmers worldwide.

CropIn is a platform where each acre of land is monitored and recorded digitally. The collected data from the farm is analysed and self-learned by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems. This ensures smarter and accurately examined outputs. The self-evolving Software as a System (SaaS) platform is provided to farmers to sense data from sensors, in and around the field.


Every activity in the land is recorded through smartphone apps. This predicts if any immediate actions need to be taken . This can lead farmers to proceed accordingly to reduce loss and protect crops. This management is helpful not only to farmers but also to farm companies for business decisions. CropIn is providing helping hand for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in farming. 

Products of CropIn vary depending on their customer. For complete farm management solution smartfarm android application which is useful for farming companies, seed production companies, agricultural input companies, Financial Lending Institutions, Crop Insurance provider, and Government and Advisories. CropIn is supporting farms and farmers globally.


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