The pioneer organisation in the field of biotechnology has many laurels to its name and continues to give its best to the field of science. 

The Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) is a non-profit organization under Section 8, Annex B, Public Sector Enterprise, established by the Government of India's Biotechnology Department (DBT). It is a linking body that strengthens the emerging biotechnology company's strategic research and innovations, addressing the developmental needs of relevant products at the national level.

BIRAC has launched several programs, networks, and platforms that bridge existing university innovation research gaps and facilitate the development of novel, affordable and high-quality products through state-of-the-art technologies. BIRAC has teamed with several national and global partners to collaborate and implement the key features of its mandate. It builds strategies to innovate the Indian biotech industry. It has a grant known as DBT-BIRAC biotechnology ignition grant (BIG) which has supported various need innovative ideas in biotechnology and allied fields.

BIRAC has launched various programs for academia and industry. Its flagship initiatives like PACE, BIPP, National Biopharma Mission, BioNEST and many others are propelling the bio-economy. The Biotechnology Industry Research Council (BIRAC) celebrated its sixth anniversary.

The observation of the day was under the motto "Sustainable innovation - a market-oriented way". A large number of dignitaries from science and industry from all over the country and abroad participated in the event and turned out to be a grand success. BIRAC has given hand holding to various start-up and small scale industry to build novel, innovative and sustainable products in the area of healthcare and biotechnology. The current motto of BIRAC is “Vigyan se Vikas” i.e., Development through Science. BIRAC is going to play an important role by catalysing the entire biotechnology innovation ecosystem.

Editor: Anomitra Dey



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