The idea of making pheromones as a startup company and flourished in no time. 

All animals and insects produce a typical smell. This smell can be sensed by the fellow organisms around them, this is generally used for communication, mating, signalling for danger, etc. This typical smell is generated by the body with the help of a chemical which is called as ‘pheromones’. The most common use of pheromones is done by insects. They release this chemical hormone in order to give signals or social responsibility in their species. This hormone is of importance in the field of commercialisation.

The startup named ‘ATGC Biotech’ works on these pheromones. The IKP Knowledge Park in Genome Valley Hyderabad is home to this startup and is India's leading manufacturers of high-quality pheromones synthesised chemically. Pheromones technology is popular in pest management technology. Until now pheromones were obtained from the insect itself, however, availability and cost were the drawbacks associated.

This company has helped the integrated pest control solutions, semi-chemical bulk synthesis, pheromone intermediates and the outsourcing of research and production centres. It believes in the cost-effective synthesis of pheromones with the highest quality and at low prices. 

The product envelope contains different insect pheromones to effectively control various pests that damage crops. It serves the farmers with good quality active ingredients based on mass chemical pheromones. This helps in bulk traps and pest management with zero impact on the environment.

They are active on social media. It maintains good customer relations, purity of the product, mass production, and export, etc. It had started up as a small scale but has grown into a leading start-up in the world. 


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