There is a probability of the asteroid hit on 29th April 2027 on the Earth.

Our universe is 4.6 billion years old.  During this time it created a huge matter. It slowly formed galaxies, solar systems, and the process still continues.

Asteroids are the remnants of the formation of a solar system. These are irregularly shaped objects. They may be range from meters to thousand kilometers of area. Asteroids orbit around the Sun. Due to their asymmetric shapes and behavior similar to the planets, these ‘mini-planets’ are known as asteroids or planetoids. Asteroids are usually made up of rocks. They may also consist of clays and metals like nickel and iron.      

Through in his last book, ‘Brief Answers to Big Questions’, the great theoretical physicist,  Prof. Stephen Hawking predicted that the Earth would be definitely hit in future with these celestial bodies. He has not predicted the date when this would happen. However, the asteroids sometimes orbit around the Sun as well as around planets as big as the Sun. It has been proposed that the Earth may be hit by asteroids on April 29, 2027. The asteroid and the Earth will be at the intersection of their orbits, or pathways around the Sun at this time.


The impact of the asteroid hit depends on the size, weight and speed of an individual asteroid. First of all, it should be able to travel through the Earth’s atmosphere without being burnt. The impact of their hit may be measured on the scales Torino and Palermo. Such an event occurred at Tunguska in Russia, on June 30, 1908. Asteroids reached the Earth’s surface over a forest area of 2000 square km. Historically, this has been the most significant asteroid impact experienced by the Earth.

The United Nations General Assembly has thus declared June 30 as the ‘International Asteroid Day’. tIt is to globally acknowledge the anniversary of an incident when the asteroid significantly impacted Russia. It is important to create public awareness about the hazards associated with such an impact. It can produce shock waves as strong as the earthquake of 5.0 on the Ritcher magnitude scale. The blast area consists of unusual proportion of metals such as carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen as found in the investigations after several years of the impact. This attempt to create global awareness and establish a global communication can prepare scientists and the common people to undertake suitable remedial actions if this threat is to become a reality in the future.  

Editor: Dr. Prajakta Dandekar-Jain




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