The objective behind AI is to enhance the quality of human work in terms of efficiency and productivity. 

Technology is developing at a fast pace with upgrading systems and instruments in our hands. We are also coming across stories that talk about the technology that is replacing humans, called 'Artificial Intelligence (AI)'. Is this true? Is AI going to take away our jobs? Though there are various opinions, we can't deny that we still have a minimal understanding of how AI works. Let us see what the facts are!

AI is the intelligence owned by machines like computers. It is an adaptive algorithm that analyses collected data and makes decisions based on previous data. AI comprises of various techniques like machine learning, neural network, deep learning, cognitive computing, computer vision, and natural language processing, as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 Branches of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a methodology. It helps the machine to learn from acquired data. It remembers patterns to make optimal decisions in the future. The machine has interconnections like a neuronal network of the human brain. Deep learning for AI is a learning technique from complex patterns in the huge data. Cognitive computing  is simulated by human thought or input. Siri is the most common example of cognitive computing.

These machines can interpret many things through its collected data. This is called computer vision. The machine needs access to surroundings to take images or videos, through its camera. Moreover, natural language processing is nothing but learning a ‘native language’ over time. Through the interaction with humans, as the child adopts any language through constant communication, AI adopts a subject and develops its understanding, through data. AI is applicable in any field where machines work effectively. Few examples to consider are automobile, mobile, defence, banking, agriculture, medicine, personal assistance, education etc.

Can AI Replace Humans?

All the parameters mentioned above assist the machine to be smarter, but only for specific tasks. They are trained to carry out a particular job like robots. It is difficult to visualize a future where AI will completely takeover the multitude of tasks, a human can perform.

There is no field in which AI cannot support humans. The objective behind AI is to enhance the quality of human work in terms of efficiency and productivity. It is advisable to think of AI as something that improves our lives, and not something that is going to take over our jobs. After all, we created AI!


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