The MRI machine can save your life!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique that  creates images of soft tissues inside the body. This technique is known to scan the body with precision than other machines like CT scan and PET. 

The machine is like a hollow tunnel where the patient goes inside the machine and stays there for several minutes. The patient has to remain still while the scan is under process. The machine makes noise while scanning, that sometimes scares the patient! According to previous reports, people are scared of doing MRI. But, you need not be afraid of the MRI machine as it is one of the most sophisticated machines in the area of biomedical science.

MRI machine is a life-saving machine as it can view through your tissues to detect defect/s efficiently, than other existing methods. 

Mri brain scan background, magnetic resonance  tomography, blue toned

MRI machine consists of magnets that create a strong magnetic field around your body. Particles, i.e. protons, inside the patient’s body, get aligned with the magnetic field. When the radiofrequency signal passes through the body as shown in the above image, protons get stimulated and release energy when the magnetic field is removed. It takes time to realign with the magnetic field which varies with tissues in the body, depending on the chemical structure. An MRI scan report is created by the machine, that is studied by physicians to suggest the prognosis accordingly.

MRI working

If you move while clicking a photo on your phone, a blurry image is created. In an MRI machine, the target is your tissues/organs, and image clarity is subject to how stable the patient is, during the MRI. The body may feel the heat sometimes, due to the presence of a strong magnetic field and a radiofrequency signal. But, the machine is not harmful at all. A trained radiologist always monitors the machine while scanning. People who are scared of being alone in small places, often fear going inside the machine. In such cases, mild sedation may be given. Therefore, face it with courage, be brave, and go for it whenever prescribed.


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