5G demands huge infrastructure and power to broadcast. This may impact other things as well.

Communication is the source of exchanging ideas, information, and expressing ourselves. History of communication tells us the various ways humans have adopted to communicate; from signs, symbols, pictures and words, to slowly developing languages. A new era of communication started with technology where we started communicating with distant people. 

Wireless communication technology has transformed our lives by bringing the world closer. From, only simple texts in the first generation, to texts, internet and videos in fourth generation, communication technology has come a long way. This time, companies have proposed a bufferless connection to the internet, with the upcoming fifth generation of telecom network.

5G NR (5th Generation New Radio) claims to have 500+ Mbps of speed. This means that you click on the button and videos will start playing before the blink of an eye! 5G also claims the ability to connect more number of users at a time than the existing networks.

Many companies have successfully evaluated 5G, however, there were a couple of setbacks for this technology. For example, in the Netherlands, during preliminary testing of 5G, approximately 300 birds suddenly collapsed and died mysteriously. The facts behind this incidence and correlation with the 5G tests, are still to be evaluated. This incidence has pushed experts to consider the effects of 5G on other creatures on our planet. Some activists are on the movement of 5G ban!

5G frequency bands

It is not yet confirmed by scientists that 5G technology radiations have hazardous effects on health, such as altering DNA structure and leading to serious health issues like cancer. 5G will be working at high frequency bands, 24-28GHz and in millimeter waves. The signals can reach only a few meters away from the tower due to atmospheric absorption of these waves. The 5G signal cannot penetrate through walls, trees and other infrastructure. Thus, 5G demands huge infrastructure and power to broadcast. Given its close proximity to environment, some health issues due to radiation cannot be completely overruled.

Although 5G is achieving numerous technological advancements, it is still neither defined properly nor well understood. Many countries are testing 5G and some are ready to use it by 2020. 5G is an upcoming technology in communication, demands a lot of infrastructure and provides bufferless connection to the world. However, it is important to consider the environmental impact 5G would have, to us and our beloved species. 



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