Anand Anandkumar has keen farsightedness and makes his name in the field of science and technology.  

Dr. Anand Anandkumar is a co-founder of Bugworks Research, a drug discovery company dedicated to developing new treatments for resistant bacterial infections. Bugworks is a byproduct of Cellworks, a therapeutic design firm that uses proprietary simulation technologies. He is also an external director and chairman of the Indian Works Council of Cellworks.

He is a master in the semiconductor industry with over 18 years of experience specialising in electronic design automation (EDA) software products, integrated circuit design, and implementation and operations management software.

Previously, Dr. Anand was the co-founder and CEO of Cellworks, a company specialising in personalised oncotherapy by making use of mathematical modelling frameworks. Dr. Anandkumar is Vice President and General Manager of Magma Design Automation, India.

He is the co-founder of the India Semiconductor Association (IESA), co-founder of EVA, health care accelerator, former secretary-general of ABLE. He is the member of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and founding member of TiE Bangalore.

Dr. Anand Anandkumar believes that science and scientific innovation must be motivated. It can be done through values ​​of compassion and humanity to achieve the best possible results. He has proved himself through his hard work and dedication.

His words that stated, “You cannot succeed in science without having humanity at heart. Be it Dalai Lama or Mahatma Gandhi or the principle of Ubuntu, they all preach the same thing.” He has an eminent person who takes humanity and science together. Such a personality is a blessing to the field of science.

Editor: Anomitra Dey



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