Aibono helps farmers from choosing seeds for their land to make the produce/product available in the market.

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural goods in the world, ranging from fresh fruits to processed food. Most of the population in India still depends on agriculture for survival. Due to unpredictable weather conditions, growth of infrastructure, declining productivity, and variable market demands, farmers are giving up on farming, and looking for better life opportunities. 

Market rate for agricultural products depends on the food demand. The technology is needed to study and predict the same. This will help farmers to decide the produce and prediction of market.

Aibono is a similar startup led by Mr. Vivek Rajkumar in Bengaluru. Vivek’s grandfather was popular for his farming in his time. After graduation from IIT, Vivek chose to assist his grandfather in farming and observed his each and every skill and move. After repetition, he realised that productivity can be increased slowly with continuous monitoring, and taking care of crops according to weather situations. From experiments in his farm, he convinced other farmers for his experiments in their field. As positive results started coming up,  slowly it turned into a business. 


Aibono helps farmers from choosing seeds for their land to make the produce/product available in the market. According to the soil test, the type of crop is decided that can be grown in a healthy way Another condition is the crop should be  in demand in the near future as per the market analysis. The type of pesticides and fertilisers required to enhance the growth and health of the crop are studied and the best choice is made accordingly. Crops are monitored every hour by sensors, once per day by agent, and with drone once per two weeks. After analysis further suitable steps are taken. 

The food will be reached to the demanding market for better earnings. Aibono collaborates with market people to provide them fresh and quality product. So, Aibono is working as a mediator between farmers and marketers. According to the site, Aibono claims it is 40% more crop growth and 60% more income with such practice is gained than using earlier methods. 

All this is enhancing the quality of products and taking care of agricultural land by providing required necessary pesticides. It is providing a right market platform for farmers. Although,  the initiative is on small scale, Aibono is contributing towards better India!


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