The organisation which focuses on the pharmaceutical, food and diagnostics field and is keen on building the field of research and development. 

Agilent Technology is an American public research, development and manufacturing company founded in 1999 by Hewlett-Packard. The company provides analytical tools, software, services and supplies for the entire workflow of the laboratory.

Agilent focuses its products and services in six markets: food, environment and forensics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and chemicals. The company was also involved in the product testing and measurement equipment for electronic from 1999 to 2014. Agilent serves laboratories and markets for clinical and diagnostic analysis across a broad range of technology platforms.

These include automation, bio reactivity, FISH probes, gas and liquid chromatography, immunohistochemistry, computer science, mass spectrometry, microarray, spectroscopy, target enrichment, and vacuum technologies.

Agilent provides laboratory management and laboratory services: enterprise asset management, business intelligence for laboratories, hardware management and service, software maintenance, regulatory compliance, sample preparation, genomics and cloning, GC and HPLC columns, spectrometry and spectroscopy needs, and general laboratory supplies.  They have good services and have maintained customer relations. They also conduct training, e-seminar, events related to the fields of the interest.  

The company aims at improving human condition and sustainability. This is achieved by their values and uncompromising uprightness. Agilent has created its unique identity and reputation in the market. Agilent is developing various technologies for the frontier area of research and development.

Editor: Anomitra Dey


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