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What’s Science?


Simplifying science for better understanding and implementation.


Engaging with diverse scientific sectors to communicate and popularize scientific concepts and technologies.

About us

Science comprises of diverse, yet interrelated concepts. However, effective scientific communication may be complicated by this  diversity of science and formats of presentation, target audience and reasons for communication. We, at What’s science, are committed to understanding these complexities and simplifying scientific concepts. We strive for the outreach of science, wherever, whenever and in whatsoever forms, as may be required, to make them understood and help them being implemented.

Advisory Panel


Prof. LS Shashidhara, Mentor, Science Communication

Professor Shashidhara is a Professor at Ashoka University Sonepat, India. He was holding position of Professor at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune previously. He is one of the leading figure in the area of science communication. He has pioneered various initiatives like development of learning resources for teachers and improving the quality of teaching and education.

Nitin Deshmukh -1

Mr. Nitin Deshmukh, Mentor, Investment and Finance

Mr. Nitin Deshmukh is the founding member of Kotak Private Equity and has played a pivotal role in building the Alternate Assets business at Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd. Nitin has over 30 years of experience in VC/PE investing, He led investments in over 60 companies, many of them have become today’s leaders in their respective domain.


Dr. Vishal Warke, Mentor, Buisness Strategy

Dr. Vishal Warke (PhD and MBBS) is currently R&D Director of the cell culture and immunology at HiMedia Lab Pvt. Ltd. Under his leadership various innovation such as animal component free media, plant based peptone, affordable cell culture media, media for hydroponics and many other were developed at HiMedia. Dr. Vishal Warke is committed to provide best quality products at affordable price to the country and world.


Management Team

Parag Profile Picture

Parag Jain


Parag is an entrepreneur and is passionate about developing IT-based platforms. He has obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Sciences and has prior experience in developing IT platforms in automobile and service sectors. Parag understands the impact of simplified scientific concepts on societal development and is passionate about digitally conveying these concepts to the masses.


Aakash Katageri

Chief Marketing Officer 

Aakash holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, USA, and has a background of research and development in the field of biotechnology. He wishes to use his professional and social background to help the society. What'sScience for him is a platform that will help befriend people with the world of science, with the ultimate aim of awareness and action towards one’s self, and for the environment.

Pranita Herwade profile picture

Pranita Herwade

Science Communicator

Pranita has obtained her Bachelors degree in Electronics and Telecommunications and an M.Tech. in Microwave engineering from Pune university. She is an avid nature lover and has a genuine interest in science communication. She wants to use simplified science as a platform to make people aware of the interconnection between science, technology and the ecosystem.


Pooja Nair

Science Communicator

Pooja is a post-graduate in biological sciences from Mumbai. She is curious about the latest developments and innovations in various scientific sectors. She keenly wishes to spread scientific awareness in the society and has a natural flair in creating simplified scientific contents.

Disha Chauhan and Saurabh Gayali


We believe that Science is more fun and easy to understand when visualised, so they combined their love for Science and Art and started The  visual stories Studio, where they aim to turn complex molecular mechanisms, biological phenomenon and large data into comprehensible images and even into art. They believe when one can see the patterns, connecting dots and practical applications it all creates a compelling story in between entropy of data.

Editorial Board


Ratnesh Jain


Dr. Ratnesh Jain is Assistant Professor in Engineering Sciences and Ramalingaswami Fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai.He is currently the “Editor-in-Chief” of this venture. He is passionate about creating simplified, credible and interesting scientific contents. Dr. Ratnesh dreams to develop a positive perception of the society towards scientific concepts. He has a keen desire to see these simplified concepts being applied in the routine life of people.


Prajakta Dandekar Jain


Dr. Prajakta Dandekar Jain is a pharmacist by background and has advanced training in the fields of Bioprocess Technology. Her expertise lies in the area of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Equipped with a sound technical knowledge and a natural flair for writing, she has the talent to communicate intricate scientific concepts in a lucid way. Her style of simplifying concepts is sure to educate the society.


Anomitra Dey


Anomitra Dey is PhD from Institute of Chemical Technology. Anomitra often faced difficulties in making people understand what she did in her research during her PhD programme. It was then, she realised the void in the science communication. Therefore as a science student and researcher, she wanted to keep her horizon wide and contribute to science communication. 



Deepak Modi


Dr. Deepak Modi is Scientist-E at NIRRH, Mumbai. Deepak is a passionate scientist and primarily work in developmental biology. He is one of the leading scientist who believe in dissemination of science at various platforms and interact with society to spread awareness of science and scientific concepts.


Abhijit Majumdar


Dr. Abhijit Majumdar is a Associate Professor at IIT Bombay. He works with materials of different mechanical and geometric properties and ask the question how material property of the surrounding environment governs stem cell functioning. Understanding biology using engineering principles is the central theme and aspiration of his research.



Geeta Goregaonkar


Dr. Geeta Goregaonkar is a Medical Advisor at CIPLA Limited, Mumbai and responsible for communication strategy. Dr. Geeta is PhD from NIRRH, Mumbai and Ex- Early Career Fellow,  Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance from TIFR, Mumbai. She also works as a visiting faculty in teaching institutes. In line with our mission, she also believes in communicating science in a simple way for creating an awareness in the society.


Chitra Pattabiraman


Dr. Chitra Pattabiraman is a DBT Wellcome Trust Early career fellow at NIMHANS, Bengaluru. Chitra is a passionate scientist and passionate science communicator. She independently publishes a blog (http://curiouscascade.com/) for promotion of science and communicating science to society.



Ipsa Jain


Ipsa Jain currently navigates identities as a postdoctoral fellow, a freelance science illustrator, science visualizer, and science artist. She aspires to make science accessible by creating aesthetically sound and comprehensive visuals. She also hopes to bring science to everyday objects.