He provided wings of fire, that is instruments that fly on the burning engine, to explore the universe and acknowledge the unknowns of the cosmos.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is one of the most respected persons in the world. He came from a small village in India, but had a strong desire to fulfill his dreams! At the age of 71, he became the 11th President of India. He was referred to as the People’s President.

Dr. Kalam was the project director of India’s first ever rocket named ‘Satellite Launch Vehicle- III’, which was successful in its first attempt. This shows his dedicated efforts for perfection in his work. Dr. Kalam’s contribution opened the door for India in the field of space technology. Post that, he directed a number of programs. He was also involved in the Defense Missile Project. Undoubtedly, he provided fire to India’s wings in order to explore space and the unknowns of cosmos!

As a person, Dr. Kalam was appreciated by all people in the world. With due respect for his novelty, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) named a novel bacteria found at the International Space Station (ISS). This bacteria was found on one of the housekeeping and cleaning system filters on the ISS. The bacteria is called ‘Solibacillus kalamii’ as an honour to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

After his term as a President, he was back with the students, not only motivating them but also inspiring them to fuel their dreams. He joined numerous institutes and organisations as a visiting member. He passed away while delivering a lecture to the students of IIM, Shillong. Coincidently, he had even once expressed to the media, that he would like to die amongst the company of students. He is still alive in the hearts of millions, and is an inspiration to people. A tribute to the great person, who was honest to his dreams and worked throughout his life with devotion!


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